Thai Yoga Massage Exeter

Experience Traditional Thai Yoga Massage to feel:

Opened | Released | Relaxed | Energised

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic bodywork that combines teachings of yoga, acupressure and deep tissue massage to rejuvenates as it heals. Through a sequence of rhythmic movements and slowly applied stretches, gentle but firm pressure is applied to the whole body to release tension, increase circulation, and boost energy. 

During your session, you may experience a combination of:

  • Applied yoga stretches
  • Gentle but firm pressure applied to the whole body
  • Joint mobilisation
  • I work using a combination of my thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet.

A session is carried out on a low futon with the client fully clothed please come wearing loose comfortable clothing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Thai Yoga Massage is a complementary therapy has been practised for thousands of years but is still being discovered by many in the west. Here are some of the questions that new clients often ask.

“Do I need to be flexible to receive this massage?”

Each session is customised to your individual needs so we can be as flexible as is comfortable for you. Over time, after a series of sessions, the applied techniques help to open your body and increase joint mobility, allowing for a deeper stretch.

“Will it be like a workout?” 

There are 2 styles of Traditional Thai Massage, the Southern style which is very strong and the Northern style which is much more therapeutic, I practice the Northern Therapeutic style.

The stretches during the session are completely passive, so not like a workout. Areas of the body get blocked, during a session sensations may be experienced as tensions are released, from that comes deep relaxation as your body is able to move and function with greater ease.  Your body dictates the depth that I work to.  My job is to listen carefully to what your body needs and to meet it in that place.

“Do I need to be into yoga to like this massage?”

Almost all sessions have stretches in them your session is modified specifically to your body type, the applied yoga stretches are adapted to meet your level of comfort, I will always check in with you through stretches.