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Warming Thai Herbal Compress to Melt away the aches of Winter

We have just passed Spring Equinox, which means we made it through another long dark winter!

Your body may be feeling tensions and aches after the long season that can push us inward, bringing our posture into a contracted place, maybe your aching shoulders are starting to be ready to gently and slowly unfurl, maybe you have a long standing niggle of neck pain or lower back pain that you’ve been longing to get relief from but not had the space to think about how.

I am now working with Thai Herbal Compress and have been seeing excellent results as these bundles of warming wonder bring localised heat to tight shoulders and stiff backs melting away pain and deeply relaxing habitually tight muscles.

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 By steaming a bundle of Thai herbs and applying it to the body Thai Yoga Massage has been harnessing the powers of heat and medicinal herbs for centuries and when linked together with gentle stretches and deep tissue massage you have the perfect conditions to uncurl, to open, to let go. What liberation!

My clients often remark that their massage helps them to remember how good it feels to arrive back into their body, to stand tall again.

Possible causes for neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain can often be related to your postural habits. By using Thai Yoga Massage’s dynamic combination your body can re-align, set up a new awareness and guide you towards better posture. When you join this with exercises to strengthen and support the changes you have a recipe to transform the way you feel not just in your body but your entire sense of wellbeing and quality of life.

You can experience the Soothing Herbal compress with a 90 minute massage, the current price is just £55 and is set to rise to £65 mid April so this is a perfect opportunity to invest in your body and be ready for the new season as the light accelerates and pushes us open and outwards into the time of growth and expansion.

May you be bathed in wellness.



Thai Yoga Massage as a Power Pack

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Profound wisdom has been popping up in my mind lately. I realised I’d been chasing wafers for ages, getting lost in the immediate things that demand my attention, I couldn’t see the bigger picture and the ghosts kept on getting the better of me;

Then I remembered that Power Packs exist! So I went out and found some and now Inky Blinky Pinky and Clyde are high tailing to their safe zone.

What are those power packs in your life? What are the things that fill up your energy tank and help you face the things that scare you that you can’t ignore? For me its been regular deep bodywork, getting out into nature, visiting healing places that have meaning for me, some self care resources I had forgotten existed.

Since I’ve been filling my energy pack I’ve had glimpses of the landscape around and within me, the big screen that I’d lost sight of in pursuit of the small wafers. I am able to see the things that boost me so I can face those hungry ghosts, I’ve finally realised that they are not going to stop coming.

I am making a commitment to myself by writing down the people, places and things that support me for when I have been chased down to the point of forgetting.

Will you do that for yourself?

Could healing bodywork that Thai Yoga Massage offers be one of the power packs you have overlooked?


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Buddhafield Festival – Dance of Life and Death


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photo by Saskia


I’d like to share my musings on my work last week at Buddhafield festival whose theme this year was ‘Dance of Life and Death’. I watched the festival be born with the arrival of hundreds of excited tent laden folks, the excitement, pain and life force become channeled into singing, dancing, shouting, releasing, rising to a dizzying climax on Saturday with drumming and dancing in 27 degree sunshine, all this happened as I worked steadily in the healing garden, the stories of the wider world reached me through those who came to see me. From Sunday onwards I witnessed the ending, the crowds leaving, structures disappearing to return the field to its natural state.


The nervous anxious states that accompanied me in were washed away by the incoming waters of friendly eye contact, physical contact, living close to the earth, the presence of the insects, the sounds of birds, all of this dissolving my individualised separate experience, opening me up. I witnessed this in the bodies and beings of those who came to see me to receive bodywork. As I untangled the aches and strains they had brought from their outside lives or from camping on uneven ground I dropped deeper and deeper into the magic of connection with land and humans and how intricately our healing is woven of these elements, how much more powerful we are together with the presence of the butterflies, flowers and trees, all of them reminding me of the states of being that we also have access to and how hard these states are to access in modern western life. People came to me from dancing, stretching, connecting deeply with others in held spaces, opening to new ways of seeing themselves, others and the world around them. By the second day it was striking how open and ready to go deep into releasing those bodies were, a process that can take weeks or months with clients outside of that setting.


My passion for bodywork has grown from seeing how powerful and beautiful we are when we allow things to open us up, I see bodywork’s gift to open and enable life to move through us and prevent us getting caught up in emotional and physical pain, to keep us from our lives passing us by as we accept a state of living death. I see how desperately we need this in our cerebral driven world that does not value our connections to self and others, I see how intrinsic physical contact and care are to healing, and how healing is not something that happens as a one off, that it’s a process that requires diligent regular kindness for self and meaningful connection with the natural world and other humans.


Thai Yoga Massage can offer deep healing bodywork, its not something that can fix a long standing problem in a couple of sessions, its not a miracle cure, but it contains many elements of healing; close contact, movement, compassionate attention, affirmative self care.

Outside of the sessions a commitment to listening to your visceral experience needs to be made to enable healing, a journey that you may not have begun yet or you may be struggling to nourish or maintain…

I believe Thai Yoga Massage can bring you closer to knowing the value of committing to the journey back to life by offering an opportunity to feel connection, embodiment, deep rest…Are you ready to make that commitment to yourself?

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photo by Saskia


What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a centuries-old healing massage therapy that helps to release tension and boost energy through a combination of deep stretch, gentle pressure, and mindful breathing. This holistic treatment combines teachings of Ayurveda, yoga, and mindfulness to create what has been called a ‘practical application of loving kindness’ that rejuvenates and heals.

During your Thai Massage session, we work with the 10 Sen or Energy lines within your body to increase circulation, flexibility, and openness. Through rhythmic, ritualistic movements, pressure is applied to the whole body. The massage takes place on a comfortable floor mat to allow me to gently guide you into supported stretches from the Hatha Yoga tradition in a comfortable and safe space.

For me, each treatment is an offering of Buddhist principles of kindness, compassion and awareness.  And as we move through the sequence, we engage with the body’s natural energy points to increase the entire flow of energy and create a feeling of wellness and renewal.

What do my clients say?

My clients tell me this feeling is tangible immediately following a treatment. Rowan said ‘I could feel blockages both physical and energetic being moved through; I was stretched in ways I could not have stretched myself without ever feeling pushed; and I felt physically and emotionally held and supported. It seemed that Yarrow placed herself totally in service to the work, and something extraordinary flowed through her hands and movements. At the end, I felt I had been gifted with a glorious new body.’

And Faye felt the massage was ‘relaxing as well as energizing’. Soon after her session, she observed, ‘This treatment facilitated my body to stretch out in a way that would be hard to achieve by myself as the practitioner really holds and supports the stretch…I felt much more connected throughout my body so left feeling much better.’

As you are supported throughout, in a calm and comfortable space, this is a treatment that is accessible to people with all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Thai Yoga Massage helps to release tension in the body and helps joint mobility. By using these techniques, Thai massage helps bring balance to the body, stimulate circulation and leave the recipient with a sense of well being.