Client Reviews

In reviews on Facebook and Google, my clients share how they feel refreshed and renewed after each Thai Yoga Massage session.


‘…she managed to unlock and encourage calmness’

Yarrow gave me a wonderfully intuitive and healing massage. She managed to unlock and encourage calmness. As well as attending to some pretty tight muscular pain. Thanks Yarrow.
Martha T


‘…best I’ve ever had’

Gorgeous, relaxing but effective massage. The best I’ve ever had…Yarrow was brilliant and constantly checked that the pressure she was using was correct. This meant that my body felt properly stretched whilst at the time feeling incredibly relaxed. I can’t recommend highly enough! – Vicki


‘Highly recommended’

This treatment facilitated my body to stretch out in a way that would be hard to achieve by myself as the practitioner really holds & supports the stretch. The massage was relaxing as well as energising. I felt much more connected throughout my body so left feeling much better….Highly recommended. Faye


‘…felt like I was walking taller’

Second treatment with Yarrow today. She stretched muscles that I didn’t even know I had! After the massage I felt like I was walking taller and my body was reset to factory settings! It was a very energising experience. – Shane


‘…relaxing and intuitive’

Enjoyed a really relaxing and intuitive massage with Yarrow. Yarrow’s clear communication and combined attention to both my comfort and edges really helped me find them so we could work with them in a way that was really tailored to the specifics of my body. I felt relaxed and my body felt much more ‘online’ and open afterwards. Thanks Yarrow! – Charlotte 


‘Amazing massage’

Amazing massage, sensitive to how my body was willing to move and where it really needed stretching, leaving me opened. Yarrow is very careful with her communication and her touch and dances through the sequence. – Beryl


…enormously relaxed’

I’ve had several sessions with Yarrow and highly reccomend her work. Yarrow is a skilled and caring therapist. After the treatments my body was enormously relaxed and my overall sense of well being greatly improved. This stayed with me for several days after treatments. Thank you, I will be back for more! – Clare 


…the best massage I’ve ever had’

I’ve had a fair few massage experiences in my time, and been a bodyworker myself; I know what I want from a treatment, and I confess I’m extremely picky about the practitioners I look to to give me that. My session with Yarrow was one of THE BEST MASSAGES I HAVE EVER HAD. It did everything I could have wanted and more; I could feel blockages both physical and energetic being moved through; I was stretched in ways I could not have stretched myself without ever feeling pushed; and I felt physically and emotionally held and supported. It seemed that Yarrow placed herself totally in service to the work, and something extraordinary flowed through her hands and movements. At the end, I felt I had been gifted with a glorious new body. Cannot recommend strongly enough! – Rowan 


…in balance calmer and energised’

I had a session of Thai Yoga Massage with Yarrow after experiencing trauma. I am out of my comfort zone within a massage context in general, however I felt totally safe with Yarrow. She worked intuitively and is highly skilled and knowledgeable about her practice. She helped to unlock knots in the body and clear blockages in the energy system. She is kind, empathetic and human. She is clearly a natural healer. By the end of the session I felt much more like myself again – in balance, calmer and energised. I would highly recommend Yarrow to anyone and am looking forward to my next session. – Shyron


…relaxing more deeply’

I had regular Thai Yoga Massages over a couple of years with Yarrow, the benefits of the massage definitely built up over time. My hip problem slowly began to resolve, and I started to notice how every time I had a message I was relaxing more deeply into my body. This deep relaxation helped with the chronic fatigue and digestive symptoms that I’d been experiencing by allowing me to deeply rest and let go of stress. The massage also helped to open up my body during periods when I had too much fatigue to practice yoga myself. I am a lot better now than I was and I see the massages I received as an important part of my recovery. Thank you Yarrow! – Emma