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Relaxing Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

How Thai Yoga Massage Can Help You Heal

Traditional Thai Massage is a complementary therapy that has been practised for centuries to assist those suffering from muscle ache, tension and stress. Combining the techniques of acupressure and yoga stretches, each massage session is made up of movements which are tailored to the needs of your body.

Thai Yoga Massage engages the natural energy flow of the body (also called sen) to increase oxygen and boost circulation so the body can heal naturally.

A typical 90 minute Thai Massage session begins with a discussion of what you need and which aches and pains are troubling you. While every body can benefit from Thai Massage, this therapy can be particularly effective for certain conditions.

Can Thai Massage Help Sciatic Pain?

Since sciatic pain is caused when the sciatic nerve is pinched, massage therapy that creates gentle release can help relieve this pain. Thai Massage can be particularly effective for those who suffer from Sciatica because it focuses not just on the area of pain, but on the connections throughout your whole body. Acupressure methods are applied to your whole body, deep massage to your  gluteus muscles and guided yoga stretches to open the hips, all combining to create powerful conditions for your body to line up correctly to relieve pressure on the hips and lower back.

Does this whole Body Treatment Relieve Back Pain?

If you are looking for a massage to treat back pain and you want lasting results, Thai Yoga Massage may be an effective treatment. Not only do you receive a relaxing tissue massage to relax back your muscles, but attention to alignment and joint mobility can have enduring benefits to posture.

How Does Thai Massage Reduce Stress?

As the stress builds in our daily lives, we carry this physically, causing shoulder pain, neck ache and more. Thai yoga massage reduces stress by helping the body to open, allowing oxygen and nutrients to move through areas that have become constricted by tension, through conscious and attentive touch the whole nervous system is calmed and nourished into a place of deeper rest and ease.

Is Increased Range of Movement a Benefit of Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage is often called ‘Thai Yoga Massage’ because, during the therapy, you will be carefully moved through a sequence of yoga positions. With assistance from Yarrow, you will be able to access stretches and postures that would be difficult to achieve on your own. This increases flexibility and builds muscle memory for a better range of motion.

Can Thai Yoga Massage Support me During Menopause?

With attention to hormone balancing acupressure and fatigue-reducing yoga postures, Traditional Thai Massage can provide welcome relief to some of the symptoms of menopause. And the variety of methods used in Thai Massage means that as your body changes, I am able to create customised treatments and sequences for your needs.

By engaging all parts of the body, my Thai Yoga Massage clients benefit from a therapy that is soothing and energising.

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