Yarrow Wolfe - Traditional Thai Massage

Yarrow Wolfe, Diploma in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

My career as a Traditional Thai Massage therapist is a natural progression of the understanding I have gained through years of yoga practice, working in healthcare and a lifelong commitment to holistic wellbeing.

I have worked with clients offering Thai Massage in Devon since 2009 and I am passionate about sharing the benefits of this dynamic, ancient bodywork. Fully qualified and insured, I undertake regular courses to deepen my knowledge of this healing art.

Encouraging and enhancing the inherent intelligence of the body is something that has always been important to me. Dance has been a mind-body tonic for me since my early twenties.  I discovered yoga more than 20 years ago, began Buddhist mindfulness practice more than 15 years ago.  Before becoming a masseur, I spent 10 years working in the NHS as an auxiliary nurse.

For me, helping you to discover how your body can heal itself is what massage is all about.

Today I am a qualified complementary therapist, specialising in Thai Yoga Massage and working with clients from The Practice Rooms in Exeter city centre and at wellbeing festivals around the UK including Buddhafield Festival and Santosa Yoga Camp

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