Castor Oil Packing

We will very soon be into Spring Equinox and its THE most perfect time to detox and kick start the liver for an overall improvement in mind and body, the liver processes many toxins that come into our body and can get overloaded and sluggish, this affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. I was recommended castor oil packing  by my acupuncturist and for the last 3 years have turned to this method whenever I feel overwhelmed with hormonal fluctuations or feeling generally run down and lacking in energy.

Castor Oil packing is a perfect way to consciously spend time with your body relaxing,  it is impossible to overemphasise how beneficial relaxation is, we live in a time where stress is considered a normal part of our lives and the consequences lead to cortisol and adrenalin, the stress hormones, play havoc with our lives. Relaxation supports the release of oxytocin in to the body, where cortisol and adrenalin are the ‘fight flight freeze’ hormones, oxytocin’s job is to ‘tend and befriend’.

So, here is how its done, the first time I did it I found it to be a bit fiddly, gathering the kit together took a little bit of thought but since I got the kit together it is very simple.

The Kit

A face cloth

Cold Pressed Castor Oil (preferably organic)

a hot water bottle

a large towel

a roll of cling film

some old trousers and t shirt/long sleeved shirt

Castor oil will stain clothes and sheets and upholstery so please be careful to protect those places with towels.

This video was the one that got me started

Castor Oil Pack


Wishing you wellbeing into the springtime






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