Revitalising Thai Yoga Massage Comes to Exeter CoLab Workspace

Thai Yoga Massage Exeter brings ancient Thai therapy to the workplace during a Taster Day on Monday 12 February. At the event, CoLab workers will have the chance to experience a free 30-minute massage to energize their working day.

During each half-hour session, clients will sample the fully clothed, oil-free bodywork that gently relaxes, stretches and opens the body. This holistic treatment combines teachings of yoga and mindfulness to rejuvenates as it heals. Through a sequence of rhythmic movements, gentle but firm pressure is applied to the whole body to release tension, increase circulation, and boost energy.

Massage therapist, Yarrow Wolfe,  is looking forward to sharing this unique massage therapy with staff from some of the city’s most engaging wellbeing charities. Wolfe says, “ Traditional Thai massage is believed to have been developed by the Buddha’s physician to release the body from tension and prevent illness, leaving the mind freer to cultivate the qualities of mindfulness and compassion, it’s no surprise that when we are grounded in our bodies our minds are clearer! It is an ancient method of healing with kindness at its core. I’m pleased to offer this to charity workers, as we’re all working towards wellness in our own way.’

For more information on Thai Yoga Massage Exeter, including regular low-cost taster sessions in the city visit or call Yarrow Wolfe on 07932 247247.

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