Thai Yoga Massage as a Power Pack

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Profound wisdom has been popping up in my mind lately. I realised I’d been chasing wafers for ages, getting lost in the immediate things that demand my attention, I couldn’t see the bigger picture and the ghosts kept on getting the better of me;

Then I remembered that Power Packs exist! So I went out and found some and now Inky Blinky Pinky and Clyde are high tailing to their safe zone.

What are those power packs in your life? What are the things that fill up your energy tank and help you face the things that scare you that you can’t ignore? For me its been regular deep bodywork, getting out into nature, visiting healing places that have meaning for me, some self care resources I had forgotten existed.

Since I’ve been filling my energy pack I’ve had glimpses of the landscape around and within me, the big screen that I’d lost sight of in pursuit of the small wafers. I am able to see the things that boost me so I can face those hungry ghosts, I’ve finally realised that they are not going to stop coming.

I am making a commitment to myself by writing down the people, places and things that support me for when I have been chased down to the point of forgetting.

Will you do that for yourself?

Could healing bodywork that Thai Yoga Massage offers be one of the power packs you have overlooked?


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