What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a centuries-old healing massage therapy that helps to release tension and boost energy through a combination of deep stretch, gentle pressure, and mindful breathing. This holistic treatment combines teachings of Ayurveda, yoga, and mindfulness to create what has been called a ‘practical application of loving kindness’ that rejuvenates and heals.

During your Thai Massage session, we work with the 10 Sen or Energy lines within your body to increase circulation, flexibility, and openness. Through rhythmic, ritualistic movements, pressure is applied to the whole body. The massage takes place on a comfortable floor mat to allow me to gently guide you into supported stretches from the Hatha Yoga tradition in a comfortable and safe space.

For me, each treatment is an offering of Buddhist principles of kindness, compassion and awareness.  And as we move through the sequence, we engage with the body’s natural energy points to increase the entire flow of energy and create a feeling of wellness and renewal.

What do my clients say?

My clients tell me this feeling is tangible immediately following a treatment. Rowan said ‘I could feel blockages both physical and energetic being moved through; I was stretched in ways I could not have stretched myself without ever feeling pushed; and I felt physically and emotionally held and supported. It seemed that Yarrow placed herself totally in service to the work, and something extraordinary flowed through her hands and movements. At the end, I felt I had been gifted with a glorious new body.’

And Faye felt the massage was ‘relaxing as well as energizing’. Soon after her session, she observed, ‘This treatment facilitated my body to stretch out in a way that would be hard to achieve by myself as the practitioner really holds and supports the stretch…I felt much more connected throughout my body so left feeling much better.’

As you are supported throughout, in a calm and comfortable space, this is a treatment that is accessible to people with all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Thai Yoga Massage helps to release tension in the body and helps joint mobility. By using these techniques, Thai massage helps bring balance to the body, stimulate circulation and leave the recipient with a sense of well being.

Of Wellness and Beginning Anew

Of Wellness and Beginning Anew

‘…the practice of beginning anew can be done at every moment of our daily life. It can be done at 10  o’clock, it can be done at noon, and it can be done even at 11pm. One hour before the new day begins. You know that when you go to sleep, you are about to sink into your sleep and you tell yourself: “This has not been a good day for me.” So I give up and I hope that tomorrow will be a better day. And going to sleep in that state of mind is not good. Even if you have only two or three minutes to end your day, you should be able to practice beginning anew. Because these two or three minutes are very important. They will be able to help you to start the next day in a much better way. ‘ – Thich Nhat Hanh

As we welcome a new year, we can take time to recognise that there is always an opportunity for renewal within ourselves. One can begin the practice of becoming more mindful, compassionate, restful, or peaceful at any time. It can be a simple act of taking a moment out of your day to pause and concentrate on your breathing or a to make a start on a new endeavour, but it can be done.

Traveling through this life, our bodies endure much toil and stress. Through sports, work, childbirth, illness or injury, we start to see aches and pains arise which become a part of our daily realities.  We come to accept limited mobility, regular back pains and even tension headaches as part and parcel of our existence or simply ‘a part of getting older’. It is easily done but to accept this is to forget that we have the ability to ‘begin anew’ at any time or age.

Relief from back pain, joint stiffness, muscle ache and tension opens up opportunities for new experiences and therefore new perspectives because a change within yourself is also a change in your world.

Recipients of Thai Yoga Massage, with its union of Buddhist mindfulness and yogic physicality based on ancient principles, often describe the treatments as part of a journey of renewal. After two sessions, one of my clients explained ‘I felt like I was walking taller and my body was reset to factory settings’. Other clients describe feeling energised and more balanced after a Thai Yoga Massage session.

Beginning 2018 with this sense of vitality is something that you can carry through to the following months and the year to come.


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