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What Could Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Do For You?

Pain Relief

Increase Flexibility

Aid Relaxation

Maintain Flexibility

Relieve Tension

Enhance Recovery After Injury

Mobilize Stiff Joints

Boost Circulation

Improve Sleep

Treat Sciatica

Enhance Wellbeing

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“Yarrow is kind, empathetic and human.
She is clearly a natural healer.
By the end of the session
I felt much more like
myself again – in
balance, calmer
and energised.”

About Thai Yoga Massage

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a centuries-old healing massage therapy that helps to release tension and boost energy through a combination of firm but gentle pressure and stretches.

This holistic treatment combines teachings of Ayurveda, yoga, and mindfulness to create what has been called a ‘practical application of loving kindness’ that, like yoga, promotes healing as it helps to restore function to the body.

Thai Yoga Massage Exeter
What to Expect

It’s an oil-free massage performed over your clothes (loose light clothing is best), so it’s completely hypoallergenic and maintains your modesty throughout.

It’s not like a workout and you don’t need to be fit: you simply relax whilst I massage your whole body using a combination of my palms, elbows, knees and feet to release tension, increase circulation and boost energy.

“After just one session
my body is back to normal.
Thai Yoga Massage highly
recommended for sports injury
and ongoing maintenance
helping to stay active.”

What it’s perfect for

For Improved Healing

Thai Yoga Massage has been used for centuries to assist those suffering from muscular pain, tension and stress.

Thai Yoga Massage engages your body’s natural flow of energy, increasing oxygen absorption and boosting circulation so your body’s natural healing processes can work more effectively.

For Reducing Stress

We all suffer from some degree of stress in our daily lives causing stiffness, pain and more.

Thai Yoga Massage reduces stress by relieving physical tension, allowing oxygen and nutrients to move through areas that were previously constricted.

For Support During Menopause

By engaging all parts of the body with attention to hormone balancing acupressure and fatigue-reducing yoga postures, Yarrow is able to customise the treatment for you, making it soothing, energising and a welcome relief to some of the symptoms of menopause. 

For Increased Range of Movement

During your treatment, Yarrow will carefully move you through various yoga positions that suit your body’s needs and comfort level.

This increases flexibility and gives you a greater range of motion throughout your daily life.

For Relieving Sciatica

Sciatic pain occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched. Thai Massage gently releases the muscles and joints associated with this type of pain and so can provide particularly effective relief.

For Back Pain Relief

With regular treatments, not only do you receive a relaxing deep tissue massage to relax your back muscles, but also attention to alignment and joint mobility. This can provide enduring benefits to posture, and provide lasting respite from pain.

And So Much More…

Want to know more?

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Thai Yoga Massage originated amongst Thailand’s northern hill tribes.
It’s gentle and soothing, enabling
a deep state of relaxation.

About Your Therapist

Yarrow Wolfe - Thai Yoga Massage Therapist
Yarrow Wolfe
Diploma in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

My career as a Traditional Thai Massage therapist is a natural progression of the understanding I have gained through years of yoga practice, working in healthcare and a lifelong commitment to holistic wellbeing.

I have been a practitioner since 2009 and I am passionate about sharing the benefits of this dynamic, ancient bodywork.  Fully qualified and insured, I also seek to expand my understanding of the healing arts with complementary and advanced study.

Before becoming a massage therapist I spent 10 years working in the NHS as an Auxiliary Nurse. Dance has been a mind-body tonic for me since my early twenties. I discovered yoga more than 20 years ago and began Buddhist mindfulness practice more than 15 years ago.

For me, helping you to discover how your body can heal itself is what massage is all about.

I am a qualified complementary therapist specialising in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage as I believe this to be a highly effective holistic therapy,  bringing health and wellbeing to the whole body.

I work with clients at Devon School of Yoga, 4 Barnfield Hill, Exeter city centre and at wellbeing festivals around the UK, such as the Buddhafield Festival and Santosa Yoga Camp.  I also offer workplace wellbeing packages tailored to local businesses, delivered in the workplace.

Relax With a Thai Yoga Massage Session

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