About Yarrow

yarrow-small-fileI started practicing Thai Massage in Devon in 2009 and I am passionate about this dynamic ancient bodywork.

Encouraging and enhancing the inherent intelligence of the body is what this massage is all about.

I am fully qualified and insured and undertake regular courses and studies to enhance my understanding of bodywork and client care.

Before becoming a bodyworker I spent 10 years working in NHS hospitals on various wards serving as an auxiliary nurse.

My own discovery of yoga started over 20 years ago, I began buddhist mindfulness practices 15 years ago and have been using dance as a whole mind body tonic (including some formal dance training) since my early twenties. The healing arts are a natural expression of my understanding and insights gained over years of physical practice, work in the service of healthcare and an ongoing commitment to holistic wellbeing.

I love to collaborate with others to share space, events, marketing… this quote says why;

‘All of us are smarter than one of us’
Alfie Kohn