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Relax, Recuperate, Revitalize, Reinvigorate
What is Traditional Thai Yoga Massage ?

Thai Yoga Massage treatments draw upon tried and tested methods from Ayurdeva, acupressure, yoga and meditation to revitalise as it heals.

Through a sequence of rhythmic movements and slowly applied stretches, gentle but firm pressure is applied to the whole body to release tension, increase circulation, and boost energy.

Which of these Thai Yoga Massage Treatments will you choose?

Jade Session

60 Minute Massage

In this session we can choose to work on your whole body with key stretches and acupressure, or perhaps focus on a problem area, such as the neck and shoulders or lower back.


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Emerald Session

90 Minute Massage

In the Emerald session you will receive a more in depth experience of Thai massage, devoting more time to relieving muscular tension for greater relaxation, and introducing the heated herbal compress to help release problem areas.


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Golden Buddha Session

120 Minute Massage

This luxuriant two hour treatment enables the deepest release of tension combined with the soothing warmth of the herbal compress for ultimate relaxation and optimal ease throughout your body.


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Thai Foot Massage

45 Minute Massage

Thai Foot Massage is received fully clothed in a comfortable
reclining chair, it is a relaxing foot and lower leg massage that
also stimulates points along meridians to benefit the whole body.


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Workplace Wellbeing

If stretching and relaxation feel like luxuries you don’t have time for, I can come to your workplace!

A Thai Yoga Massage session in your lunch break is the perfect way to put the spring back in your step.

Receive a fully clothed, oil free massage whilst relaxing on a comfortable mattress. A 30 minute Thai Yoga Massage session includes effective stress relief massage and gentle stretches to relax the body and energise the mind, renewing your focus, helping you to flow through the week.

Delivered to local businesses in Exeter by bicycle for the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Choose from a single day event or ongoing regular visits to suit your company ethos.

Get in touch with Yarrow for further details and to arrange a package that would work for your business.

Happy Clients

“Incredibly healing and balancing. Left feeling like I’d been wrung out like a dishcloth – it was amazing! Effects lasted a good few days-way longer than a regular massage. Highly recommend.”


“I felt much more like myself again – in balance, calmer and energised. I would highly recommend Yarrow to anyone and am looking forward to my next session.”


“My session with Yarrow was one of THE BEST MASSAGES I HAVE EVER HAD. It did everything I could have wanted and more; I could feel blockages both physical and energetic being moved”



I understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life…

Car problems, extreme weather, family emergencies and illness are just a few of the reasons why you might be forced to cancel an appointment.

In my desire to be effective and fair to all of my clients, and out of consideration for the time I reserve for you, I have adopted the following policies:

  • In most cases, a 48-hour advance notice is required when canceling an individual appointment.
  • If you are unable to give me the minimum 48-hours you will be charged £25 for the first cancellation and the full fee of the session for any subsequent cancellations.
  • If you are able to fill your slot by recommending a friend to come for your session, no charge will be made.
  • If you are late for an appointment I will need to finish our session at the allocated time which means your session will be cut short, the full fee of the booked session will be charged in this situation.