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Five Workplace Wellness Tips

Last week I visited Exeter CoLab to host a day of 30 minute Traditional Thai Yoga Massage sessions for employees at the city centre charity hub. I brought my kit and my practice to this space in order to extend the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage to busy people in their workplace. Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.05.23   In our work, we are often so caught up in the job that we forget to look after ourselves. We skip lunch, eat at our desks, sit for hours and the stress builds up. Taking time out for wellness can help you recharge, stay fresh and healthy which will boost your productivity. Thai Yoga Massage was developed many centuries ago, but many of its principles can be applied to living better in today’s working world. Here are five workplace wellness tips inspired by Thai massage

1. Get Fresh Air

If you’ve ever practised yoga, you’ll know that your breathing makes a tremendous difference to the way that your body responds to a session. This principle applies to Thai Yoga Massage but can be used throughout the day. Increased oxygen, enhanced mood and better sleep have all been attributed to getting fresh air.  Even a 10 minute walk can boost brain function and reduce stress. And if you can find somewhere that’s green, then all the better.

2. Stretch

Thai Yoga Massage uses deep stretch to boost circulation along the body’s natural energy lines. Increased circulation means more oxygen moving around the body in a more efficient way. This allows the body to heal, repair injuries and fight illness. So, while you may not be able to engage the deep stretch of Thai Yoga Massage at your desk, taking a moment in your day to stretch your arms, legs and back can give you a quick recharge with lasting effects.

3. Keep it Moving

When energy flows happily the whole body is refreshed, but when blockages occur it can be difficult to feel your best.  During a Thai Yoga Massage treatment, you will be placed on your back, your front, and each side to get the best movement and stretch for your wellbeing. It is a full body therapy that appreciates the importance of joint mobility and muscle flexibility in maintaining the healthy flow of energy in the body.  Sitting for long periods has been connected with health challenges like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Researchers suggest that taking short, active breaks from sitting, every 30 minutes ‘engages your muscles and bones, and gives all our bodily functions a boost – a bit like revving a car’s engine.’

4. Quiet your Mind

Before the start of a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage session, your practitioner will pause for a moment to quietly meditate, wishing wellness unto you with the hope that you ‘will be happy and that any illness will be released’.  As a Thai Yoga Massage therapist, taking time out to quiet my mind helps me connect with my clients, centring myself and ensuring that my mind is focused and prepared. This simple gesture, the conscious quieting of the mind, takes seconds but can help eliminate stress before it manifests. With emails, phone calls, and constant notifications happening throughout the day, taking a moment to pause and breathe is a precious and valuable opportunity for self-care.

5. Make Time for the Gift of Wellness

Those who practice Thai Yoga Massage often refer to it as a ‘practical act of kindness’. During each massage therapy session, the aim is to convey a sense of wellness for the other person that recentres and revives them. As a recipient of the treatment, you are not making an indulgence so much as an investment in yourself. By making time to help yourself feel better now, you are saving a great deal of stress and hassle in the long run. So whether it’s a massage, an extra glass of water, a bit of a neck stretch while you’re waiting by the kettle or an extra five minutes of fresh air, make yourself a priority. Want to learn more about the how an ancient therapy can help you thrive in today’s world? Contact Thai Yoga Massage Exeter for more details.  

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