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Warming Thai Herbal Compresses to Melt Away the Aches of Winter


We have just passed Spring Equinox, which means we made it through another long dark winter! I am now working with warming Thai Herbal Compresses and am seeing excellent results. These bundles of warming wonder bring localised heat to tight shoulders and stiff backs, melting away pain and deeply relaxing habitually tight muscles.

Your body may be feeling tensions and aches after the long season. This can push us inward, bringing our posture into a contracted place. Maybe your aching shoulders are starting to be ready to gently and slowly unfurl. Maybe you have a long standing niggle of neck pain or lower back pain that you’ve been longing to get relief from but have not had the space to think about how.

 By steaming a bundle of Thai herbs and applying it to the body, Thai Yoga Massage has been harnessing the powers of heat and medicinal herbs for centuries.  When linked with gentle stretches and deep tissue massage, you have the perfect conditions to uncurl, to open, to let go. What liberation!

My clients often remark that their massage helps them to remember how good it feels to arrive back into their body, to stand tall again.

Possible causes for neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain can often be related to your postural habits. By using Thai Yoga Massage’s dynamic combination, your body can re-align, set up a new awareness and guide you towards better posture. When you join this with exercises to strengthen and support these changes, you have a recipe to transform the way you feel, not just in your body, but in your entire sense of wellbeing and quality of life.

You can experience warming Thai Herbal Compresses with a 90 minute massage.  It’s the perfect opportunity to invest in your body. Be ready for the new season as the light accelerates and pushes us open and outwards into the time of growth and expansion.

May you be bathed in wellness.

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